Spring has sprung, time to dewinterize your hose faucets. First, go to each outdoor faucet and confirm that the handle is closed. Next, locate the vaccum breaker ( a brass device that screws onto the threads of the hose faucet ( see picture below) on each faucet. Lubricate the exposed orings with plumbers grease as they are dry from being open to the elements. Now, twist and gently lower the freeze ring of the vacuum breaker overtop of the orings .Note - if your vacuum breaker doesn't have a freeze ring your hose faucet is prone to freeze ruptures and it should be replaced- locate the hose faucet supply isolation valves inside the house and turn them on. Now your ready to hookup a hose, wash the car and squirt the kids. Its been a long winter! If your hose faucets need additional service, call the experts at Aquia Stafford Area Plumbing- for all your plumbing needs. thanks for reading!

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